David Lee Sobotta

Carteret County is a very unique spot.  It is a wonderful area especially if you love the water. I am an avid fisherman and boater which makes it easy for me to relate to people looking for water access property.

I am also an expert photographer and have spent most of career in high technology. With my technology background I manage to attract buyers from the Internet and give my listings maximum exposure. As an expert in Internet search rankings, I know how to drive traffic to websites.

While I am a licensed NC Real Estate Agent, I am no longer an Active RealtorĀ® or agent.  However, I would be glad to refer to you to some great agents.

Give me a call at 252 646-8689 and I will recommend someone who can help you find your dream property.

Matt Bussing

Matt is not really a Realtor, He's the webmaster! His real estate agent page will be removed soon.