July, 2011

We get lucky on the heat


The last few days have been brutally hot along most of the east coast.  Here on the coast near Emerald Isle managed to get through the heat wave with lower temperatures than most areas.

At a little after 3:30 PM on July 22, our temperature sensor hit 91.7 degrees Fahrenheit.  Considering that Washington, DC and the home of my college roommate along the New Jersey coast were both over 100 degrees Fahrenheit at that exact time, I am pretty happy with what we had to endure.

While this weather is hot, we have managed to have a strong breeze off the water for the last few days. Though it is hard to conceive, water at 83 degrees Fahrenheit produces a cooling breeze when interior temperatures are at over one hundred degrees.

On July 21, I went for a walk over at the Point at Emerald Isle. It was about 11:30 AM when I pulled into the Station Street Parking lot just off Coast Guard Road.  I got one of the last three parking places.
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Open window nights!


The funny little crosshatch pattern in the post picture is not a special effect.  It is actually the screen in the open window of my upstairs office.

We have enjoyed two nights, July 15 & 16, when we were able to have the windows open.  It looks like July 17 might follow suit and make it three nights in a row.

Being able to open windows at night is something of a treat here on the Crystal Coast in mid-July 2011.  It has been a hotter than normal July here.

We have had some serious heat in the first part of July, and for a while it was combined with humidity and smoke.

That changed radically on Friday, July 15.  An east wind seemed to bring us cooler air.  Heat at night is the real enemy.  If we can cool off at night, the water temperature stays more moderate.  The east wind seemed to cool off the evenings.

Without some nighttime cooling, we start the day well behind the eight ball.  You always know you are in trouble when the morning temperature is 80F or greater.  read more »

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Little Escape from the Heat


You know when you wake up in the morning and moisture is running down the outsides of your windows that the day is going to be a humid one.

After a first cup of coffee, I decide to check the temperature on our front deck which is in the shadows most of the morning. I find the window thermometer already registering 80F at 6:50 AM.

When I walk outside twenty minutes later, the warm air surrounds me.  There is no breeze, skipping my morning walk around the docks doesn't take a lot of thought.

The change from July 12 when we sat outside in the driveway just as dusk found is striking.  That night the eighty degrees with a nice sea breeze and less humidity felt like a great beach night.

This morning I am glad that I mowed the yard earlier in the week and soaked all the plants yesterday morning.  My wife comes in from taking a couple of letters to the mailbox at 10:30 and pronounces her trip outside like a trip to a sauna.
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Emerald Isle Traffic and Parking July 1


I could have easily used a picture of Emerald Isle Bridge traffic from the afternoon of July 1 as the picture for this post, but anyone headed this direction is going to see plenty of traffic and doesn't need to be reminded of it with another picture.

It is best if people focus on what they are going to see once they make it to the coast.  That is why my picture is of the ocean water just west of Third Street Beach.  If everyone just remembers that the beach will be here no matter when they arrive, then just maybe, everyone can make it to their destinations safely.

My trip on Friday, July 1, over to Emerald Isle allowed me to gauge the afternoon beach traffic. It was also a look at the parking situation so I could guess what kind of holiday crowd will make it to Emerld Isle this 2011 Fourth of July week.   read more »

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