September, 2011

Finally hope of clearing weather


Finally we might see clear skies after what seems like a month of dampness.  The week of September 19, my rain gauge recorded 6.2 inches of rain.

After a front passes through Friday evening, September 30, it looks like we might start to dry out.

With all the precipitation, at least I didn't have to water the new sod that I placed around the flagstones leading to our dock. I think it is already growing.

Weather is always something that we want to change.  This summer until Irene, we could not buy a drop of rain. Now in the last sixty days we have seen between fifteen and twenty inches of precipitation here along the banks of the White Oak.  read more »

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Damp Afternoon at the Dock


What a strange year of weather.  First we have an exceedingly cold winter that challenges all of our spirits.  Spring turns out to be very nice and one to remember.

Then summer starts early and the rain just stops.  We went almost six weeks without any rain.  Then it got even drier.  We only got one inch of rain during July.  The area field corn crops were a disaster.

August was almost as dry as June and July until Hurricane Irene came along to break the drought.  We got somewhere between ten and fifteen inches of rain from Irene.  It was hard to measure since most of it was horizontal.  Irene came on Saturday, August 27.
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Mountain Home with amazing views



Unbelievable value and quality. This home is in exceptional condition, and you will find no better value in the Roanoke Valley. Built by a meticulous builder, cared for by homeowners that truly love the home.

This custom built Williamsburg Cape Cod overlooks downtown Roanoke, Virginia and the Peaks of Otter. The home takes wonderful advantage of its location on the slopes of Twelve O'Clock Knob Mountain.

There are unbelievable views of the Roanoke Valley all through the house including the laundry room and walk out basement.

House has a sun room/eating area directly connected to a deck with wrought iron railings. The master bedroom has a screened porch off of it, and the owners often enjoy the cool mountain air by keeping those doors open.

The upstairs bedrooms are huge and one is large enough to be used as a second master bedroom.

The basement level opens to an extensive stamped concrete porch which also has a wonderful view and access to the upper deck by a spiral staircase.

There is also a small shop located just off the downstairs patio.  read more »

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Rumbles along the Crystal Coast from the tail end of Lee


Thunder is rumbling along the coast the morning of September 7, 2011.  We are just catching a bit of the remnants of Tropical Storm Lee.

Some of the thunder and lightning has been impressive, but we actually were in need of some rain.  Ten days after Hurricane Irene dumped over ten inches of rain on us, things were starting to dry out.  I actually ran our sprinklers yesterday and watered my surviving tomato plants.

As noon has slipped up on me, there appears to be some blue sky to the west of us over Swansboro.  The rain has stopped at least for now though the forecast says that thunderstorms might re-develop this afternoon.

The morning's rains brought us somewhere between one half an inch and three quarters of an inch of precipitation depending on which one of my rain gauges one can believe.  Likely I will just average it out and say that we got a little over six tenths of an inch of rain.

The temperature actually dropped briefly to the mid-seventies. We have not been below 80F for a number of days, and as the morning finishes we are just now recovering to 80F. It will be warm this afternoon.
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