October, 2011

A Bite Out of Third St. Beach


I tend to watch my favorite beaches pretty carefully, and on October 14, my wife and I went up to Third St. Beach on Emerald Isle for one of our regular visits.  We were really surprised by the changes in the beach.

While I have seen a lot of sand movement this fall, what happened at Third St. is the most dramatic that I seen especially considering it happened quickly, and during a time when there were no named storms around.

Perhaps just catching this change makes me guilty as charged when it comes to being on the beach a lot.

A couple of days ago a friend suggested that my activities were beginning to look a lot like those of a beach bum.  I took it as a compliment.  Actually in a very quiet real estate market, walking the beach is good research.

I have another strong defense.  Taking a hike on the beach is also good exercise and a great way to get a little fishing in during the fall.   read more »

Weather that should be bottled


There are reasons that fall is my favorite time here on the Southern Outer Banks.  The weather is hard to ignore as a key part of the equation that makes things so nice as the seasons turn.  Fishing, fewer crowds, and festivals also play a big part in making fall special.

The wonderful weather we experienced last fall is still a pleasant memory, but fall of 2011 is working hard to make it fade.  We missed the first Episcopal Lobster Festival, but we already have tickets for the Lobster Festival at Saint Francis by the Sea in Salter Path on October 15.  Once we have eaten our lobsters there this year, it will mark five years in a row we have managed to enjoy fresh Maine lobsters here on the coast in the fall.
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