December, 2011

A Stellar Day over on the Beach


Usually once we get past the end of November, you can count on the the air over at the beach being a little cooler during the middle of the day than it is here on the mainland.

With that thought in mind, on Friday, December 16, I headed out for a hike at the Point on Emerald Isle wearing blue jeans and a long-sleeved tee shirt.  It was certainly a miscalculation.  I should have stuck to my earlier-in-the-week thoughts that this was shorts weather.

I was fairly certainly that I had detected some signs that the season was changing, but apparently the warm weather is proving harder to dislodge than I guessed.

It is normal when I park and get out of my truck at the Station Street Parking lot near the Point for it to be warmer than it is when I actually walk onto to the beach.  read more »

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A Little Nova Scotia Fog for Variety


It is sometimes funny how we use weather to meet our own needs. All fall it seems like I have been writing about the wonderful weather.

We have had so much wonderful weather that you almost feel guilty if you don't get outside and enjoy it.  Of course for much of the fall, I did exactly that.  I was out in the boat, in my kayak, on my bike or walking the beaches of Emerald Isle.

I had a great time fishing and spent some wonderful afternoons on or near the water.  The trouble is that if you do all that neat stuff everyday, you eventually get worn out.  The fresh air, physical exertion, and warm sunshine all conspire to sap  your energy.

I would come home from my adventures with the best intentions.  I always planned to work on my writing after dinner.  Of course a warm home cooked meal just added to the problem.  I would go up to my office and start work only to find my face falling into the keyboard.  read more »

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