December, 2012

Frost on the Kayak


After a series of days when the low temperature struggled to get below sixty degrees Fahrenheit, it takes a little adjustment to walk outside and find the thermometer reading 30F.

It is the nature of weather that we take whatever we have whether it is warm December waters or frost on the kayak and in the marshes.

I enjoyed my morning walk the first day we saw frost after our mild streak in December.  Still I had to remind myself that the sparkle on the boardwalk was slippery frost. Looking up at the wrong time could easily turn me into a meal for the crabs.  read more »

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Almost Summer in December


It is hard to believe that just a month ago I was writing about a fall that looked like it was going to be colder than normal.  While we have had some frost, our weather has been exceptional for the last few weeks.  November has been very nice and this is a great start for December.

Just like the first week December 2011, the weather has been so warm that I have been forced to go back to shorts.  I was kayaking in the middle of the river today and it was pleasant enough that I was comfortable in shorts and a t-shirt.  Considering the water temperature is in the fifties, the air temperature had to be cooperating.  read more »

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