August, 2013

Summer Is Not Leaving Yet


When you wake up in the morning and the temperature is just below eighty degrees Fahrenheit, you know that summer is planning to hang around a while.  When that warm morning is followed by an afternoon downpour, you can assume you are still in a summer weather pattern.

Many of us, including some fish, were tricked the last couple of weeks around the middle of August.  We had some temperatures in the sixties and we thought that maybe fall was just around the corner.  With four or five nights when the temperatures got into the sixties, the swimming pools got a little chilly and we fishermen started getting excited.

Unfortunately it was a false alarm.  The warmth is back and it looks like it will be here for at least a couple of weeks. The extra days of warmth are good news for beach goers and the tourism folks, but with the drop in traffic from school starting, it will probably not have a huge impact on this season.  read more »

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