Bogue Sound

We are more than just beaches


Most people come to the coast to enjoy perfect beach days.  If they are lucky they find out that the reason we stay in paradise is that there is more to it than just beach.

I am planning a couple of nice sit on the beach days next week so I love the beach as much as anyone.  However, I also find a lot to like about the rest of the area.  At least a couple of times a week we will check out the Croatan Tidelands Trails Park just off VFW road.
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Missing the bridge

wheretolive (2).jpg

It has been a few days since I crossed the Cameron Langston Bridge to Emerald Isle.  I am looking forward to getting back on it.

It is one of my favorite spots on the Southern Outer Banks.  The view from the top is beautiful and dangerous.  Many tourists get caught up in the view and end up running into the car in front of them.
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Cannonsgate Ribbon Cutting


Unless you have been hiding under a giant oyster shell, you have probably heard about Cannonsgate, the large subdivision on the shores of Bogue Sound between Morehead City and Cape Carteret.

Cannonsgate has been in the news because of some foreclosures and some unhappy owners.  While the newspapers can try to make a story out of it, there really is not much to tell.  read more »