And the clouds move in


When I got up this morning a little before 7AM,  the skies were still blue, but you could see clouds moving into the area.  By 9AM we were having some rain which continued in spurts all morning.

It certainly was not a bad day.  The temperatures never got out of the seventies which is a little unusual around here in August.

We are at the end of August so it is something of the changing of the seasons even if the weather clock is still pointing to summer.  All the children have gone back to school.  The beaches, restaurants, and highways are getting back to our normal state which is not very crowded.

This whole week is supposed to be a little cooler than normal, but after all the heat we have seen in the last few weeks, we can take a few days of where the humidity and temperature do not combine to cook us.

I would not mind mowing my yard and being able to find a dry spot or two on my clothes. Going fishing without cooking would also be nice.

Most of the clouds that came in this morning lasted all day.  In fact it seemed to get dark a little early today, but I sure it was just the cloudy weather.
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