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Finally some strawberries


I was beginning to think that our local strawberries were not going to show up this year.  Last week we drove by some fields and could just see a few ripe ones.

Then over the weekend we noticed some "Open" signs, but it was too late in the day to take advantage of the U-picks.

Yesterday we went to Beaufort to show some visiting friends the waterfront and the Maritime Museum.  We drove back through Morehead City and down the beach.

When we came across the bridge at Emerald Isle, we hooked a left at the intersection of Highway 70 and Highway 24 and headed to Winberry's in Cedar Point.  We arrived just as they were closing and got an over-sized box of ripe local strawberries.

We managed to wait until we got home before sampling the berries. They were delicious.  It was hard to stop eating them.

I am looking forward to having more berries this morning for breakfast.

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The first green tomato of the season


Sometimes spring surprises me.  We have not had what I would call a particularly warm spring, but a few days ago when I was tying up my tomato plants, I noticed my first green tomato.

I planted my tomato plants on March 24 this year.  As someone who lived on a farm in Canada for years, that date still shocks me for a moment until I remember my North Carolina roots.

Still even for the North Carolina where I grew up near Winston-Salem in the Piedmont area, you would not plant tomatoes in March.  My mother, who was a wonderful gardener, always tried to have tomatoes by July 1.  Her Mount Airy, NC gardens are still producing tomatoes for the Hesters who run the Sobotta Manor B&B from our old home.
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December 2 Tomatoes


I am back from our Thanksgiving trip to the mountains of Virginia.  It is always nice to enjoy some morning sunrises along the Blue Ridges Mountains and to walk along the clear mountain rivers.

There are some other great pleasures that come with living in the south.  One is that you can still find beautiful green bluegrass in the mountains even into December.  I have had to mow our yard in Roanoke, Va. as late as December 11.

Here along the coast, the green has been gone from our centipede yards for a long time. There are people who over seed their yards, but I can take the reddish brown yards because I know it means less work.
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N.C. Coastal Federation Native Plant Sale

04/17/2009 - 09:00
04/18/2009 - 06:00

The N.C. Coastal Federation Native Plant Sale will be April 17-18 from 9am to 6pm at the N.C. Coastal Federation building, 3609 Highway 24, Ocean. Along with the plant sale there will be demonstrations, rain garden and rain barrel how-tos, craftsmen and artists, entertainment and refreshments. The event is free. For details call 252-393-8185.

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Coastal Home and Garden Show

04/18/2009 - 00:00
04/19/2009 - 00:00

The Coastal Home & Garden Show will be held at the Rotary Civic Center in Swansboro, Saturday, April 18 from 10am - 4pm and Sunday, April 19, from noon - 4pm. There will be exhibits on bath & kitchen remodeling, room additions, interior decorating, pools, spas, gazebos and patios, windows and doors, flooring, roofing and more. Call to reserve your space at 252-635-5658.

Hopefully the last of the icy waters


Last night temperatures dropped into the teens along the sounds and rivers of Carteret County.  This morning as you can see from the blog picture ice managed to cover some of the quieter river waters like that which runs from our home to the White Oak River.
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Coastal Home and Garden Show

03/06/2009 - 00:00
03/08/2009 - 00:00

The Coastal Home & Garden Show will be March 6,7, & 8.  For information call 252-247-3883 or 888-899-6088.