High Water In The Marshes


I love having a home on an inlet of a big tidal river.  Living with the rhythms of the tides means that things are never exactly the same along the water.
When we get a really low tide,  the marsh becomes beach front property for fiddler crabs.  If we get a really high tide, just about anything can be wandering in the water covered marsh grass including my favorite fish, the red drum.

How high the tide goes depends on lots of things including the wind direction, the moon, and what storm happens to be riding up the coast.

Things get even more exciting out on the river.  During a very high tide, oyster bars can be submerged and the river can look like a lake that is easy to navigate.
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First White Oak River Kayaking of 2011


This has been just a great week to get an early spring taste of the waters of the Crystal Coast.  We have seen a number of days when our afternoon temperatures were in the eighties.

On Wednesday, I managed to take our boat out on the river twice.  The second time was later in the afternoon and turned out to be our first fishing trip of the season.  It was a wonderful day to be on the water.

Actually anyone who picked the week of March 20, 2011 to be at the beach can pick my next set of lottery tickets. I don't think you could ask for better beach weather. On my Wednesday morning trip out on the water I noticed that the water temperature was almost 70F.

Seventy degrees is actually my spring coolness threshold for kayaking.  So  Thursday evening after I finished work, and after the water had another day to warm, I decided to take the kayak out for its first spring run.
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Glad that I went kayaking on Saturday


After our great day on the water on Friday, I was pleased to wake up to blue skies on Saturday morning.  I had gone to bed thinking about kayaking so as soon as my chores around the house were done, I started getting ready for my  trip.

I had two goals for the trip.  Number one was to take some river pictures with my new Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS1 and the other was to do a little red drum fishing.

While I have had some significant luck with puppy drum in the past, I have yet to catch one out of the White Oak much less a bigger red drum.  The experts at Dudley's Marina had recommended a particular top water plug so that was all the tackle that I was carrying except for my trusty rod and reel.
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