With the rain gone, we get a peek at blue skies


It is hard to believe that we got 8.3 inches of rain yesterday from 5 AM until midnight.

Our ditches were running full, but the culverts seemed to handle all the water.

With that much rain coming out of the sky, I doubt that we will have to worry about watering the yard again this year.

The centipede grass will start to slow down with fall anyway

It was a relief to see some blue skies this morning even if they only hung around for a few minutes.

It appears the storm has headed slowly north so we can focus on drying out and getting on with the rest of our beach season.

So how much rain did you have at your place?

Now it is really pouring rain


I feel sorry for any vacationers who came down this weekend after hearing the great forecast that the weathermen were giving around the middle of last week.

At the time they were calling for spectacular holiday weather.  Then Friday night they started saying it was not going to clear up until Saturday.  The trouble was that while it cleared up Saturday morning, it started clouding up Saturday afternoon.

Sunday dawned all clouds and stayed that way until sunset when the sun sneaked out from behind the clouds.  However, by that time, the weather folks were calling for heavy rain today. 

An almost tropical system had formed off the Carolinas and was headed sraight for us.

One weatherman even said we could get up to seven inches of rain according to the computer models.  His personal forecast was for one to two inches.

He should have stuck with the computers.  By noon today, we had 3.5 inches here in Bluewater Cove in western Carteret County on the banks of the White Oak River.  Of course it is still pouring rain, and we are just minutes away from high tide on the White Oak.  read more »

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Sheets of water


Our great beach weather ended yesterday with a deluge.  Just before noon I was over on Emerald Isle picking up keys to check out a listing.  As I came back across the bridge I saw very dark clouds north up Highway 58 towards Peletier.

I finished my errands without any rain in Cedar Point, Cape Carteret, or Bogue.  However as I drove up 58 towards Bluewater Cove, I rain into rain at the new Boonedocks (old Dive).  That was about twenty minutes after one.
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The bumpy ride to warmth

Not a Reston doorstep view.jpg

Our coastal weather never ceases to amaze me.  It was only last year, that we could not seem to find a rain shower until the day after we turned on the sprinklers.

This year we have enjoyed regular rains.  In the last week, we have gotten over 2.3 inches of precipitation.  I would be very surprised if we have any subsoil moisture deficit. I do not mind the rains, but as is often the case, they are followed by winds this time of year.
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Rainy weather moves through the area


It seems like we have been on a weather carousel which lets us choose only cold weather or warm and wet weather.  I snapped the foggy night picture in Swansboro on Wednesday evening.

I would be a lot happier if we could just get back to warm and sunny.  Today we got something over an inch of rain which comes just after some cold weather.  At least it was warm, even if it was wet.
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