Summer and the bridge


The bridge that connects Emerald Isle and the mainland is a vital link.  While we residents will often complain about summer bridge traffic, we know in our hearts that it is not really much of an issue.

After spending all day showing homes to a young New Jersey couple, I needed to deliver some forms to another real estate agent whose office is in Emerald Isle.

We headed across the bridge at about 4:30 PM.  I am happy to report that we got caught in some stop and go traffic which allowed me to take some pictures from the bridge.
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The Calm of a Summer Morning


When summer comes, morning becomes a time to get up and get moving early.  In the South, if you miss the morning work window, you risk heatstroke during the heat of the day.

In June morning is nearly perfect here on the Crystal Coast.  The temperature was around 75 degrees when I walked out my driveway to get this morning's newspaper.  The birds were singing all around me, and there was just the touch of a light breeze.
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