Bare Feet in the Warm Rain


It is amazing what you take for granted.   It is easiest to lose track of the little things.  May 30, we were waiting for sub-tropical storm Beryl to show up in our neighborhood.

Last summer we survived Irene, and there were no severe weather warnings with Beryl. No one was expecting much.   I got up to mostly clouds and light rain. 

I enjoyed an uneventful first cup of coffee.  My normal walk to get the morning paper was in heavy, warm rain.  I intentionally left my footwear, a pair of Crocs, in the garage.

I walk a lot on the beach and just the other day I noticed the tread was worn off those Crocs.  I have learned from experience that tread-less Crocs and wet concrete are a lethal combination.

Without any serious thought, I walked out to get the newspaper in my bare feet.  I have done it many times.  Sometimes the concrete is too cold or too hot, but I have managed to survive it one way or the other even in the rain.

Often like on May 30, the walk without shoes is comfortable and reminds me of my youth in rural NC in the fifties when shoes were optional in the summer.  read more »