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The White Oak


Yesterday we were up in the Stella area showing property.  We had a few minutes between appointments so we drove up to the bridge in Stella. There is a new sign calling it Boondocks landing but it has not changed much from these photos that I snapped a few years ago.  Yesterday I took the time to snap a few new pictures including the one in the post.

For those not familiar with the White Oak River, it is considered a blackwater river and has a fair amount of tidal action.  The tides at our home near Hampton Bay are mostly in the range of two feet though they can be much higher.
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Tis the Season


This is the time of the year that we get to watch the annual migration of the big boats from north to south.  Many of the boats have been holed up in cooler waters because their insurance requires them to stay there until hurricane season is gone.

Now that November is here,  the annual migration has started in earnest.  Someone told me that there were three sailboats parked in Swansboro harbor the other night.

Swansboro harbor is just overflow sailboat parking for Beaufort.  If there were three in Swansboro, there were lots in Beaufort.

Certainly it is a great time of the year to be on the water and traveling on the water.

It is a lot of fun watching the big boats head south.  I often wonder what percentage of the boats have owners on them compared to the number who are just sailing south with a crew and waiting to meet up with owners?

Nice day by the White Oak River


The fog and clouds did not last very long this morning.  The sun, blue skies, and puffy clouds came out in plenty of time for the morning.

There was a pretty good breeze so I used that as an excuse not to go fishing.  The reality was that I had promised my wife that I would finish cleaning our upper porch, some of the siding, and help with window cleaning.

That is actually what I did for most of the day.  It needed doing, and it was a nice warm day to do it. There is no doubt that the temperature got into the eighties.  The sun on our front porch even shot the thermometer up to 91F for a few minutes,

We ran out to do a little real estate work just after 5 PM and ended up down by Swansboro when I snapped the picture of the late evening White Oak River at about 6:30 PM.
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Slow on the bridge this morning


This is going to be a nice day, unless you need to get across the Emerald Isle bridge quickly.  I was at the Cape Carteret park on Anita Forte this morning when I snapped this picture.

I am not sure how long the project on the bridge is scheduled to last, but the wait to cross did not seem too long.

The weather is definitely improving.  When we got up this morning, the temperature was at 45F.  Just before noon, it is already up to 66F.  We should have no trouble making it into the seventies this afternoon.

There are no clouds in the sky which is also a good sign for a warmer afternoon.  It is a bad time of the year to be stuck inside since the outside warms faster than the inside of a building.

I am stuck on real estate duty this morning, but in my excursion outside, I noticed how warm the sun felt.  It was a little different than my brisk walk to the mailbox this morning when I had short on and the temperature was in the mid-forties.

I could still see a few boats on the water by the bridge fishing for spots.  Maybe once we get a few warm days, the water temperature will stabilize.

A Sunday Side Trip to Atlantic Beach


Yesterday was another pleasant day on the Crystal Coast.  One of the great advantages of living here is that it is not very far to other parts of the Crystal Coast.

We can be in Beaufort in 35 minutes, Morehead City in 20minutes, and Atlantic Beach in 25 minutes.

After church, lunch, and watching a little football on the backsides of my eyelids, I decided that we needed to get out and enjoy the great beach weather.

My wife, who had been diligently clipping coupons to take advantage of the Morehead City Harris Teeter's triple coupons, agreed as long as I would drop by the grocery store on the way back.

Just in case things looked fishy I stuck my trout fishing gear in the back of the car, grabbed a couple of cameras, and we were off.

The high rise bridge in Atlantic Beach is always a treat to drive over.  Yesterday I was surprised to see how few boats were on the water, and then I remembered about the boat races in the harbor.
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Playing Hide & Seek with Blue Skies by the Point


Yesterday was the beginning of the Labor Day holiday, but from the lack of boat traffic in the morning, it was more like a Tuesday or Wednesday.

Maritime weather can be a real challenge to figure out.  Sometimes the only way to really know is get out on the water.  That is what we did yesterday.  One of my fishing buddies, Brian, and I headed down the White Oak to Swansboro about ten AM.

The blue skies were peeking through the clouds here and there on our way down the White Oak to Swansboro.  We had to stop in Swansboro Harbor because bluefish were breaking the surface all over the place.

We grabbed our shiny things rods and managed to catch enough to determine that these were really small bluefish under ten inches.  After figuring that out we headed on out to Bogue Inlet.
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We are more than just beaches


Most people come to the coast to enjoy perfect beach days.  If they are lucky they find out that the reason we stay in paradise is that there is more to it than just beach.

I am planning a couple of nice sit on the beach days next week so I love the beach as much as anyone.  However, I also find a lot to like about the rest of the area.  At least a couple of times a week we will check out the Croatan Tidelands Trails Park just off VFW road.
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