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Back to the beach


It felt great to stick my toes in the salt water once again this afternoon.  It was almost a week since the last time, and that is far too long in my book.
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Missing the bridge

wheretolive (2).jpg

It has been a few days since I crossed the Cameron Langston Bridge to Emerald Isle.  I am looking forward to getting back on it.

It is one of my favorite spots on the Southern Outer Banks.  The view from the top is beautiful and dangerous.  Many tourists get caught up in the view and end up running into the car in front of them.
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Summer Forty Years Ago


Forty years ago today I was on Ocracoke Island watching Neil Armstrong step on the moon.  I had been camping down the island, and just in time to catch the lunar landing, I checked into Ocracoke's only motel.

It was a neat spot to be for the first step on the moon.  I have this great picture of the Outer Banks taken from space hanging in our home.  It reminds me of where I was for Apollo 11 each time that I see it.  read more »

Summer and the bridge


The bridge that connects Emerald Isle and the mainland is a vital link.  While we residents will often complain about summer bridge traffic, we know in our hearts that it is not really much of an issue.

After spending all day showing homes to a young New Jersey couple, I needed to deliver some forms to another real estate agent whose office is in Emerald Isle.

We headed across the bridge at about 4:30 PM.  I am happy to report that we got caught in some stop and go traffic which allowed me to take some pictures from the bridge.
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A Beaufort Traffic Jam


Some places have roads that get crowded, and in other places roads are not the main attraction.

Beaufort is one of those places where the water ranks very high on the list of ways to get around.

Late this morning we headed east from Cape Carteret towards Morehead City and Beaufort.  We stopped in at West Marine to check out their Crocs sale.  A friend was looking for a pair.  Unfortunately they had almost no Crocs left for adults.  After that we stopped by Boats, Inc where we bought our skiff.
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Check in day


Today was the Fourth of July, and it fell on a Saturday.  As those who live here on the Crystal Coast know, Saturday and Sunday are check in days for the rental properties on the island.

Many people saw Emerald Isle for the first time today.  I handed out fliers at Bluewater's key pickup line.  They were expecting three hundred people to check in today.  I got there at about 1:15 PM and left at 3:45 PM.
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Happy Fourth of July


The day is finally here.  We have made it to our country's birthday once again.  Today or tomorrow will be the peak of the tourist season for those of us here on NC's Crystal Coast.  Yesterday, today, and tomorrow will likely be our busiest days of the season.

We will have some traffic challenges, but given that we live in such a fantastic spot we can take a few hours of traffic on a few days of the years.  It is not like we have to drive the Washington Beltway, I77 in Charlotte, or the Raleigh ring road every day.
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