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Just a little traffic


Yesterday was July 3, and if you happened to be trying to pass through the intersection of Highways 24 and 58 in Cape Carteret, you probably know that this is going to be a great beach weekend for all the merchants.

I heard that traffic started to build on the island at 10 AM yesterday.  By the time we came through the intersection at !1 AM there was already a serious traffic backup.
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The best place on the Crystal Coast to live is here.

Living in Paradise


Why do I love living at the beach?  Could it be the warm ocean?  Could it be the sand between my toes?  Could it be the smell of the ocean?  The crisp air in the mornings?  Could it be the calm mood of everyone I am around?  (Most everyone is either on vacation or retired.)  read more »

Record weekend, where are the people?


This past Thursday I heard some reliable sources say that this second week of June might well be a record rental week.  Today another source confirmed that initial reports seem to indicate a record weekend.

My question then is, "Where is everyone?"  We were at the Cape Carteret Festival yesterday.  It seemed like a good crowd but nothing overwhelming.  When we came back from some shopping, we stopped at the Food Lion over in Swansboro.  While they had a steady crowd, it certainly was not the mad house that I have seen.
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The best highrise view on the Crystal Coast


If you live on the Crystal Coast, you eventually forget that your world is basically flat with little more than a beach dune to call a hill.  Being from the mountains, I miss the occasional view from a high point.

For that reason I was excited to take a tour of the new Grand Villas in Indian Beach.  It is certainly a first class experience and probably the tallest building on this end of the beach.
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Harkers Island and the Core Sound Museum


We have always enjoyed visiting Harkers Island.  As my wife says, it reminds us a little of Nova Scotia where we lived for a few years.  The island way of life brings people together and creates a special bond.  Harkers Island is just a short drive from Beaufort.  As you can see from the Google Map, it would be an even  read more »

A great visit to the Maritime Museum


It must be obvious that we are getting stir crazy waiting for spring to arrive.  We are hitting all the great indoor spots before the spring weather pulls us outside.

Of all the indoor spots that I like to visit, the Maritime Museum in Beaufort is my favorite.  I have found it rarely crowded and always enjoyable.  It is also just the right size to spend an hour or so looking at exhibits. 
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