Almost Summer in December

Submitted by OcracokeWaves on Tue, 12/04/2012 - 03:10.

It is hard to believe that just a month ago I was writing about a fall that looked like it was going to be colder than normal.  While we have had some frost, our weather has been exceptional for the last few weeks.  November has been very nice and this is a great start for December.

Just like the first week December 2011, the weather has been so warm that I have been forced to go back to shorts.  I was kayaking in the middle of the river today and it was pleasant enough that I was comfortable in shorts and a t-shirt.  Considering the water temperature is in the fifties, the air temperature had to be cooperating.

It was actually a stunning day out on the river.  I fished a number of the big oyster rocks and many of my favorite patches of marsh grass.  I didn't catch any fish, but it was so beautiful out on the water that it did not matter.  I have always said that fish are optional when it comes to enjoying our area.

With land and water that can stretch your imagination, fish are just icing on the cake especially when the weather is this spectacular in December.  Every nice day in December means one less day of cold weather to keep me at the dock. 

Fishing has been very good this fall, but trout have been scarce in my patch of the river.   The puppy drum have been relatively plentiful compared to previous years.  I've had enough fun fishing this year that I can survive through the winter.  Still I haven't given up yet for the year.  I will likely wet my lines a few more times before I shift my focus to riding down the river in the skiff.

It has been a while since we had any heavy rain so the water is exceptionally clear out in the White Oak.  With brilliant blue skies and clear water, some of the photos of the water look amazing.

With the great weather we're enjoying, it is pretty easy to say that December is a good month to be living by the water.  Even the great blue herons seem to enjoy the early December mornings without frost.  One of our always moving kingfishers even took time to enjoy the warm sunshine while I was out in the kayak recently..

Weather can change on a dime, but we might as well enjoy this great weather on the Southern Outer Banks while it lasts.

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