Back to an icy gut

Submitted by OcracokeWaves on Mon, 02/01/2010 - 14:08.

Given how cold yesterday was, I was not surprised to awaken to some ice on the water behind our home.  The water is part of Raymond's Gut which flows into the White Oak River.

A gut is a narrow passage or waterway according to the dictionary, but to us it is our watery road to the river. 

During warmer times it is a nursery for an amazing amount of aquatic life.  In the winter we have herons and pelicans who come to feed on the small fish.  When the gut is frozen they have to find other feeding grounds.

The freezing pattern on the gut this morning is more typical of freezes we have seen in other winters.  It is completely different from the pattern we saw during the serious early January freeze which lasted for several days.

When we have a serious freeze, the warm spots where the springs enter the gut freeze over instead of staying open like they did last night.

While yesterday was a cold day, it certainly was not a bad one if you could find a way to get out of the wind.  Windy, winter days are not particularly good for beach walking, but they do remind me that this area is more than just beaches.

We spent a little time at the Cedar Point Croatan Trails access point.  Had things gone a little differently we might have gotten in a hike.  With today being considerably warmer than yesterday and the wind being absent, we might give it another try today.

I did post an album of pictures taken yesterday.  Some were shot in Bluewater Cove where we live, the heron picture was taken across the street from our church, Cape Carteret Presbyterian, and the rest were taken at or near the dock in Croatan National Forest in Cedar Point just off VFW road.

Though it looks like we might have some rain this week, at least all the talk of another big winter storm seems to be coming from the mountains.

I am personally ready for this winter to remember to be over.  I was happy to see that even the early morning sun had enough power to melt the ice off of our mailbox just before 8 AM.

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