A beach to warm a frozen winter soul

Submitted by OcracokeWaves on Tue, 02/02/2010 - 13:59.

I think I am a little like the rest of the folks on the east coast of North America.  This cold weather is getting a little old.  All the stories about below average temperatures are not helping.  The pictures of the ice and snow to the west of here are depressing at best.

We had a few minutes extra yesterday afternoon, so we headed across the bridge to Emerald Isle.  A friend in Atlanta had sent us a picture of a beach house which he thought might be interesting.  I wanted to track it down and see the actual location.  As I suspected because of its address, the driveway was on Emerald Drive.

The interesting thing is that the 2007 house has never been occupied.  When it came on the market in 2007, it was first priced at $1,250,000.  After some pricing adjustments, the 4000 square ft. house is now listed at $699,900, and it still has not sold.  Likely being located on Emerald Drive is one of the challenges because the house is only about 1300 ft from the beach if my map measurement is correct.

While we were in the neighborhood, I decided to investigate the neighborhood beaches.  That turned out to be just the tonic that I needed.  The picture that I chose for this post came from the CAMA access point near there.

It was also warm enough that I was comfortable just wearing a shirt and not a sweat shirt so that helped my mood.

I came back to the car so enthused that my wife had to do a little beach visit of her own.  She came back just as happy as I did.  Hopefully that little taste of beach will get us through the afternoon's rain.

I am happy to say rain since some places are not going to be so lucky and might be shoveling their precipitation.

While I would love to see some seventy degree weather, I am going to remain happy with the mid-fifties since that is much better than the mid-thirties.

No ground hog would be able to seen his shadow down here today, so perhaps we can start thinking about warmer days.

There are some drops of rain on the gut, and our neighborhood pelican just crash landed in the water behind the house so all is well.

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