Beautiful November Afternoon on Crystal Coast

Submitted by OcracokeWaves on Sun, 11/14/2010 - 14:08.
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After a busy ten days of showing property and finally getting a contract on a beach house, Saturday was the first day to catch up on a lot of odds and ends.

I got up with plans to do a few things around the house and then relax while watching some college football in the afternoon.  The day turned out so nice that I never even saw a single minute of football.

However, I did manage to change out the light fixture in my closet, change some light bulbs outside, make a stop at the recycling center, take the boat for a ride almost to Swansboro, and spend some time fishing over on the beach.  The post picture is the White Oak River just outside of Bluewater Cove.  My wife also got her winter pansies planted.  It will be fun watching those grow.

I did find that the water temperature in the White Oak has taken a plunge to the mid-fifties. Also we got a very high tide yesterday that covered some marsh grass that rarely gets soaked. The water was a beautiful blue color coming back into our protected harbor.

There were some serious waves over on the beach so my fishing was more practice casting than anything else.  I just wanted to stand with my toes in the water and fish a little even if I did not catch anything.  The beach was completely empty except for a few shore birds.  I saw no fish either, but it was still a lovely time on the beach.

If it is possible, the under fifteen mile ride back home was even nicer.  Driving down Emerald Drive is almost always pleasant.  It is even better late on a fall afternoon when almost no one is around.

The trip across the Cameron-Langston Bridge over to Cape Carteret was especially nice.  It is hard to pick my favorite photograph from the bridge.  It would either be this one from the south end of the bridge looking towards Swansboro or this one looking up the sound towards Morehead City.

There were some other very nice photos in the set.  By the time I got home, the White Oak was taking on its fall evening hues, and there was enough of a chill in the air that I decided to pass on cooking a steak on the grill.  We went with a simpler meal and will probably cook our steak for Sunday lunch after church.

It was a nice day, and even the shore birds were enjoying it.  Just before I went inside I snapped a picture of the moon to send my friend on the New Jersey shore. He always keeps me updated on the phase of the moon.

This morning we have fog in the Gut beyond the dock, but it is supposed to clear off by noon.  I am hoping for another great day and maybe a little action on all those new Bluewater Real Estate signs we got out last week.  Maybe I will get a bite on my neighbor's great waterfront property.  We did a call last night for a showing on my fishing buddy's home in White Horse Ridge so we are seeing some activity.

That is about it for this November Sunday morning here on the Southern Outer Banks.

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