Better Looking Skies

Submitted by OcracokeWaves on Sat, 09/19/2009 - 20:15.

It did not take long for the sun to work its magic this morning.

We headed out in the skiff a little after ten AM.  The fog was completely gone and the skies were Crystal Coast blue.

I had hoped to get out on the White Oak River very early, before the winds picked up.  It being Saturday morning that just did not work.  Raymond's Gut, our inlet to the river from Bluewater Cove, was still very calm when we left.

The tide this morning was also high like yesterday when I went kayaking.  It was so high that some of the white PVC pipes marking the channel out to the river were covered by water.

That is actually a good thing since when that happens the water is deep enough that you can go almost anywhere.  If you look close in this picture you can see that some of our little white posts are missing in action.

The White Oak was pretty calm when we left our inlet, but in the ten minutes that it took to get to Swansboro the water in the river got fairly choppy.

Once we got into Swansboro Harbor, the water was calmer.  I believe this is pretty normal for a north east wind.

The harbor was also pretty empty.  We did watch them drop a boat into the water with their forklift at Caspers.

We then crossed the Intracoastal and entered a narrow channel that has large marshes to the west of it.  This little trip is what I call my Swansboro boat loop.  We often fish in the area if the winds are blowing from the south.  I also use it to take people on a quick scenic boat ride.

It is a neat spot and eventually the water curves back and meets the Intracoastal.  The view is one of my favorites.  With the exceptionally high tide, the marshes to the west looked very inviting, but I have a feeling they are kayak water.

We finished our journey and cut back down the Intracoastal towards Swansboro.  I was a little busy with traffic so I did not take any pictures on the Intracoastal.

As we went under the Highway 24 bridge in Swansboro and headed back up the White Oak, I was disappointed to see a fishing boat still anchored between the two channel markers.  The White Oak is big river with lots of water, it is pretty inconsiderate of someone to anchor right between two buoys.  Of course these folks were not even anchored from their bow, so I would question their boating knowledge.

Since the lower White Oak was still choppy, we took a quick ride back to Bluewater Cove.  I tried to just touch the wave tops, but once I had to come almost to a complete stop when another boat started to turn in front of me.

It was good to get back to the calm water of Raymond's Gut at Bluewater Cove.  As we were coming in, we figured out that the new house they are building is going to have a pretty good water view.

After we docked, got something to drink, cleaned up a little, and we headed over to the beach by car.  We were very surprised to see how quiet the ocean was. There were hardly any waves at all.  It would have been a good time to be trolling off the beaches.

I would have to say that it was a gorgeous beach day with the temperatures reaching the lower eighties. In fact my wife was dressed too warmly for much of a beach walk.

After we left the beach, we stopped by Winberry's Farm Stand and bought some scuppernong grapes.  I consider them a delicacy from my childhood.  I feel fortunate to live in NC where they can be found in the fall.

They also had their giant one half bushel bags of sweet potatoes ready for purchase.  I love sweet potatoes, but that is a lot of sweet potatoes to store.

This evening we were treated to an end of summer party at the Bluewater Cove pool.  Some great music, fine fried fish, barbecue, and good friends made it a special evening.

It is nice to see summer back and in such fine form.

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