A Bite Out of Third St. Beach

Submitted by OcracokeWaves on Sat, 10/15/2011 - 11:22.

I tend to watch my favorite beaches pretty carefully, and on October 14, my wife and I went up to Third St. Beach on Emerald Isle for one of our regular visits.  We were really surprised by the changes in the beach.

While I have seen a lot of sand movement this fall, what happened at Third St. is the most dramatic that I seen especially considering it happened quickly, and during a time when there were no named storms around.

Perhaps just catching this change makes me guilty as charged when it comes to being on the beach a lot.

A couple of days ago a friend suggested that my activities were beginning to look a lot like those of a beach bum.  I took it as a compliment.  Actually in a very quiet real estate market, walking the beach is good research.

I have another strong defense.  Taking a hike on the beach is also good exercise and a great way to get a little fishing in during the fall. 

I have also found that what I find on the beach is of great interest to others.  I recently did a presentation on changes to the Point to our men of the church at Cape Carteret Presbyterian Church and even got a couple of requests for copies of the presentation.

I spent much of the spring making certain that I walked all of the town of Emerald Isle's beaches.  I did enjoy some great beach hikes, but all the hiking just confirmed that my two favorite beach areas are the Point and Third Street Beach.

It is a rare week when I don't walk on both of them.  I have been to Third St. so many times that I am mayor of it on Foursquare, the geo-location social networking site.

The week of October 3rd, I was up at Third Street at least three times.  I had an enjoyable time fishing up there though I only caught a couple of pinfish for my efforts.  As is often the case I took some pictures while I was fishing.  This picture was taken on Friday, Oct. 7 looking back east towards the CAMA access point.

As you can see from the picture at the top of the post which was taken on Oct. 14 from nearly the same area, a lot of sand has disappeared.  The bench which was cut into the beach is over three feet high in many places.  This Google map shows a rough outline of the area which lost the sand.

I have no explanation for what happened at Third Street except that we had a lot of wind and rough surf the last week.  I posted an album of pictures that I took of the sand disappearance.

Considering Third Street also lost some dunes during Hurricane Irene, it might be time to start planting some more beach vegetation up in that area.