Blue skies for EI Saint Patrick's Festival

Submitted by OcracokeWaves on Fri, 03/11/2011 - 13:00.

There is nothing wrong with getting half of inch of rain in early March.  This time of year we need regular doses of rain to build up some moisture reserves for the growing season.

Yesterday's storm was a mild ones with only a couple of short bursts of heavy rain.  For a little while it looked like the east winds were piling some water into the river, but it turned out to be minor.

This morning everything has that fresh washed feeling, and the sky is back to being a beautiful Carolina blue.  At just after 8 AM we are still in the mid-forties, but it looks like we will come close to hitting 60F this afternoon, and luckily, Saturday we will be well into the sixties.

Saturday's weather is important, because it is time for Emerald Isle's annual Saint Patrick's Day Festival. It is one of our early season festivals, and once again this year it is followed the next weekend by the Swansboro Oyster Roast and Pig Out on March 19.

I was relieved a three years ago when they stopped having both festivals on the same weekend.  It was an impossible challenge to arrive starving for oysters in the evening after wandering the festival in afternoon.

I have written about both festivals before, and this article has links to pictures from both events.  Of course the only way to really enjoy the events is to attend them.  Both are great events.

There have been some years when the weather was a little chilly for the Saint Patricks Day festival, but it looks like this year's 20th annual event will have nearly picture perfect weather.

For anyone not familiar with the festival, it takes place in and around the Emerald Plantation Shopping Center. You can get a look at the area from this map

Once you cross the bridge over to the island and get through the first stoplight at Coast Guard road, you will quickly start to see cars parked along Highway 58.  Find yourself a spot there or along one of the side streets and hoof it along one of the paved paths to the parking lot at Emerald Plantation where most of the vendors and booths are situated.

You will find plenty of festival foods, a beer tent, music sometimes including bagpipers, and lots of booths to browse.  There some local food booths, including one that serves hand chopped Eastern North Carolina barbecue.  It is one of my personal favorites which I hope will be there again this year.

Usually there are fire and rescue vehicles on display along with rides for the smaller children.  I have never been disappointed, and I expect this year's 20th annual event will be on of the best.

You can download a PDF brochure with a map of the area and a very appropriate green arrow pointing to the festival location by scrolling down to the bottom of my Crystal Coast Life welcome page.

If you would like to read more about the Swansboro-Cape Carteret-Cedar Point-Emerald Isle area, check out my new Swansboro Travel Guide.

I also have a newly revised Emerald Isle Travel Guide.

There is not a cloud in the sky Saturday morning so it is a great time to see what really blue sky looks like.