This is as cold as it gets

Submitted by OcracokeWaves on Mon, 12/06/2010 - 03:47.

What an exceptional week we have had on the Crystal Coast.  Tuesday our high temperature was 76F.  Wednesday we managed to get to 68F.  By Thursday the thermometer only made it up to 48F.  Then there was Saturday when we were lucky to make it to 43F.

I am not certain how we got from Tuesday when I was sorry that I had not worn shorts to the beach to last night when we felt lucky to be one of the few places in North Carolina that did not get some snow.

This cold stretch of weather is serious winter weather to us. In fact this is very cold winter weather for the Crystal Coast.  The average daily high in December in our area is 58F.  I checked my records.  Last December 5 when I had my morning coffee, the early morning temperature was 51F.  This morning it was 35F.

Today I never saw the temperature reading on my car information system rise about 42F.  That is a very cold day for the Crystal Coast.  This evening we came home and turned on our gas fireplace.  We usually only do that in the mornings in the depths of winter.  We rarely do it at night.

I am wondering what our roses will look like after tonight's cold temperatures. From the wind and waves that I see from my dock,  I know it was a good day not to be out on the water. 

We cannot get to those warmer end of the week temperatures fast enough for me.  We had friends in Pulaski, Virginia who reported 4 inches of snow.  I guess that is a lot better than the lake effect snow areas near Buffalo where they have over three feet of snow.

Now our friends at Accuweather are predicting a potentially significant snowstorm for the east between December 12 & 14. Of course how it tracks will determine the area that gets whacked with snow and the places where they will only get rain.

I am sure we will be hearing plenty about it in the next seven days.

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