Cold rain on the Gut this afternoon

Submitted by OcracokeWaves on Fri, 02/04/2011 - 21:33.

Given that most of the United States was stuck in the thirties at midday February 4 and that Dallas, Texas was getting snow and ice, I feel pretty good about eking out a high temperature over 40F here along the Southern Outer Banks.

Even next week there looks to be a good chance that we will miss the next shot of winter weather, but that is little consolation on a cold rainy day.

I have ventured out twice, once to get the morning paper and later this afternoon to get our junk mail. As I was complaining about putting on my rain shell and tennis shoes, my wife reminded me that most people do not consider tennis shoes and a single ply rain shell to be winter clothing.

I had to agree. Getting dressed for our cold rain was nothing like putting on felt boots and shoveling for ten or fifteen minutes just to make it to the mailbox which I often had to do when we lived in Canada.

After all except for my afternoon walk through the woods along the marsh, I haven't missed anything today.  The huge advances that we have seen in technology over the last twenty eight years since we left the farm make it easy to stay connected right in the comfort of your home and to get plenty of work done.

I have communicated with friends in New Jersey, central North Carolina, and even Happy Valley or State College, Pennsylvania.

I have managed to capture in digital dots our neighborhood's reclusive kingfisher and one of our impressive great blue herons.

Having a rainy day just let me catch up with some of my web work.

I got an Applepeels post done on the Battle between Apple and Google.  I corrected one error on my REALTOR® site, but I see in checking that link on my Windows computer, I still have some type that isn't sized correctly.

While the day has not been one that I would advertise on a tourist brochure, it has been far better than a snow or ice storm.

We have stayed warm, I had a nice nap in front of the fireplace after lunch, and my wife is cooking a nice turkey for our evening meal.

While my State College friend tried to sell me on his clear and cold afternoon weather, I wasn't so easily duped.  Not only did I see sleet, snow, and freezing rain in his evening forecast, his high temperatures for the next four days were 32, 36, 38, & 27. 

That does not compare favorably with the forecast highs of 56, 54, 58, & 52 that the weathermen are telling us we will see next week here along the Carolina coast.

If we can stay in the fifties for four straight days, I might declare that we finally have winter on the run.

I think that I will stick with the Crystal Coast and let the winter precipitation entertain the folks up in Happy Valley.

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