Crystal Coast weather to love

Submitted by OcracokeWaves on Mon, 09/10/2012 - 14:51.

We usually pay more attention to the weather when it doesn't meet our needs.  I always complain more about the weather in August.  It is not usually a month that wins a lot of favor with those who like to go on long walks.

Often August is too hot, and humidity is a close partner with the heat.  When you add in a tropical storm like Isaac that took up residence on the east coast for a few weeks,  it is easy to start rooting for September to show up.

However, it you are a long term resident of the South, you know well that September can have its moments when it comes to heat and humidity.  Unfortunately the first week of September 2012 was one of those hot, humid weeks that make us wish for the first of the season Canadian cold front.

The humidity was no surprise since we got well over three inches of rain during the first week in September 2012.  Three inches of rain is usually welcome, but August had already given us eleven inches of rain.

When I mowed my yard on September 3, I was thankful that clouds rolled in because when the sun was on the yard, I felt like I was slowly being steamed to death.

Late Sunday, September 9, we got a taste of a Canadian cold front that dropped temperatures in the Southwest Virginia mountains into the upper forties early that morning.

It will be a while before we see temperatures into the forties, but it is nice to see sixty degrees on thermometer once again.  I love the clear blue skies, and the nice breeze from the North.

With the cooler temperatures and drier air, our windows are open and the heat pumps are quiet for the time being.  Perhaps things will cool off enough that we can sleep with the windows open.

The nicer air certainly made paddling around our inlet a much nicer proposition.  The photo in the post was snapped when I was out on the water with my kayak after the front came through.

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