A Day Like This is Why We Live Here

Submitted by OcracokeWaves on Fri, 10/09/2009 - 12:30.

I can tell already that this is going to be my kind of day.  The skies are blue with no clouds, the temperature is right at sixty degrees, and there is no wind.

On top of that high tide is at noon in Bogue Inlet. This sounds like a day made for being on the water.
We had a great afternoon out on the water yesterday.  From the pictures I took yesterday,  there was not much to complain about except a colorful poison ivy pine.  As a side note, if a tree in your neighborhood has a vine that turns red, it is likely either Virginia creeper or poison ivy. 

Poison ivy is often more tree like when it attaches itself to another tree.  It can remain hidden in the green canopy until this time of year.  There is one near our neighborhood board walk.  The trunk is bigger than my wrist.  The trunks often looks hairy.   I suspect the time has come for the one near the boardwalk to meet its maker.  I will cut a chunk out of its stem at the base.  That sometimes force the plant to send new shoots up from the roots.  Those will be get a dose of Brush be gone if they show up.

Other than administering a death blow to some poison ivy, I think I will concentrate on fun things to do today.  Tomorrow there is a choice between the Lobster meal at St. Francis in Salter Path or the first day of the Mullet Festival.

The biggest challenge with the Mullet Festival is finding a place to park.  Last year we went the first day of the festival and gave up when we could not find a parking place.  We ended up coming back on Sunday afternoon about three hours before closing.  There was plenty of parking then.

This year we have church friends who live in Swansboro and have offered us the use of their driveway since they will be out of town.  They are a good hike from downtown, but at least we know we have a guaranteed spot.

One year my visit to the Mullet Festival was riding by in a boat.  I am impressed with the tables they have set up along the water, and I would enjoy the festive atmosphere so I am sure we will make it on Sunday for certain.  This year I have promised to actually eat some mullet.

Actually Saturday we have tickets to the Lobster meal, and I have clients coming to town along with having afternoon duty so I am pretty well scheduled.

I am not a big fan of Saturday afternoon duty in the fall.  About the only television that I ever watch is a little college football, and even that is usually tempered by good weather keeping me outside.

I finally broke down and got a replacement for my fishing reel that was 50+ years old.  I am looking forward to breaking in the new reel today.

Who would have guessed that my best deal on a fishing reel would come from Amazon.com.  I ordered it one day, and it showed up the next.  I saved nearly fifty dollars on a reel that only cost me $83.

Expect a report later today on ourwater adventures.  There appear to be a few clouds sliding into the area. Not a good sign for the Mullet Festival.

Of course a few clouds are nothing to the snow and cold that has hit some of the west and north.  I do not even want to think about high temperatures only at freezing.

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