A dry time at the Beach

Submitted by OcracokeWaves on Tue, 06/22/2010 - 12:34.

Most people don't think of drought and beaches in the same sentence, but it will likely be something that you start hearing unless the weather patterns change.

While a couple of very light showers in the last couple of days have given this corn a little life, it is still about one half the height it normally is at this time of year.  There are very few cobs of corn in what would normally be a field loaded with them.

Just a week ago this field was so drought stressed that our Northern Virginia based daughter did not even recognize it as corn.  The moisture from the brief showers earlier in the week will be gone in a day or two, and the corn will shrivel up once again.

I talked to a farmer off Nine Mile Road last night.  He said that in his fifty years of farming in Carteret County, this is the driest that he has ever seen it.  I certainly have never seen the ponds on the local golf course any lower.

The farmer I talked to explained that some of his farming friends in Currituck County are already plowing under their corn and planting soybeans with the hope that there will be moisture when they need it.

As sa family with a sprinkler system in our yard, it is easy to ignore dry times except when the water bill comes at the end of the month.  After all my tomato plants are thriving.  Of course I am watering them almost every day.

I guess I will start doing a rain dance.  I hope it isn't a hurricane that ends up breaking the drought.

You can check out the area's ninety day precipitation totals by clicking on this link to a North Carolina map.  You will see that our area has in general received about two inches of rain in the last ninety days.

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