Even at the coast, some rain must fall

Submitted by OcracokeWaves on Sat, 05/07/2011 - 02:07.

I absolutely love sunny, blue skies, but my life which included ten years of farming has taught me to appreciate timely rain.

If you run from your house to the car and then to the office, rain can just be a nuisance.  However, if you have a crop in the ground, timely rain is a necessity.

This afternoon the rain interrupted my planned beach walk, so I took the opportunity to play a little Foursquare and become "Mayor" of Redfearn's Nursery.

Rain rarely gets distributed evenly.  Even with today's showers, we could use some additional rain.  Likely I will mow my yard Saturday, May 7, and then run our sprinklers the next day because we are somewhat dry.

I will be running sprinklers while people along the Mississippi are praying for dry days and folks in Texas would give anything to have the shower that passed through this evening.

Fortunately we have had enough rain for field crops to germinate, but my tomato plants have required regular watering.  They are doing great.  I have one tomato the size of a small hen's egg.

The really good news is that Saturday is supposed to be sunny at least in the morning.  After the fog burns off, I am counting on some blue skies.   I am planning a beach walk to celebrate being back on the coast, and with luck, I might get my skiff out on the water.

There is always the chance that I might take a fishing pole with me.

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