Fall is the Best Time of Year

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There are a lot of reasons that I love fall along the Crystal Coast.  The wonderful warm days and cool nights are high on the list of things that make it a great time of year.  The great weather lets us enjoy our beautiful surroundings even more than we do in the summer.

September was an extraordinary month with wonderful weather for the most part until the last day of the month when we received over twenty inches of rain.

Since the skies have cleared from that nasty mess, we have enjoyed spectacular weather.  Yesterday our real estate firm, Bluewater Real Estate, had a sales meeting in Bluewater Cove, which happens to be a development done by their building arm, Bluewater Builders.

We were talking about Bluewater Cove, which also happens to be where I live. In fact our sale meeting was in the Bluewater Cove Clubhouse which is just at the end of my cul de sac across from my home.

We had folks from our all of our offices, and it came up that we had a lot of events in our subdivision.  I mentioned our end of summer party last Saturday evening. I had finished an excellent hamburger when I noticed that the sunset was going to be particularly nice. I told my wife that I was going to take some sunset pictures.  I walked home, dropped my boat in the water, and rode out to take a few pictures.  The whole trip only took about fifteen minutes. There are not many places you can do that.

While I can drop the boat in the water any season of the year, it turns out that fall is one of the nicest times to do that.  The humidity and real heat are gone.  Even with a boat on a lift, going on a short boat ride in almost ninety degree weather and high humidity can often require a shower afterward.

Fall is different, you can go boating, come back and join the party without even breaking into a sweat.

After our sales meeting, I held an open house for a new Bluewater Cove waterfront listing of mine, 141 White Heron Lane.  The weather was nice enough that people just walked next door.  In the heat of the summer, people hurry from one air conditioned building to their car.  We served some sandwiches, and we were able to leave the doors of the home open. No other air conditioning was required as people wandered from the house to the screened porch to the deck.

Later in the day my wife and I went for a walk in Bluewater Cove.  In the summer, you only go for walks early in the morning or late in the evening.  Yesterday we were out walking before 5 PM.  While it was still warm, but it was very comfortable.

We have some new neighbors moving into the neighborhood today. Their new home is just up the street a little and across from our home.  We have watched their house being built this spring and summer.  As we walked by, we said hello to the mom who was busily getting ready for the movers' arrival today.

Our walk took us by a new home for sale in Bluewater Cove.  I took the opportunity to revisit it and take a new set of pictures.  There is always the hope that I might have something to do with our next set of new neighbors.

A fishing buddy stopped on his ride to the clubhouse to chat with us, and  tentatively schedule some fishing for next week. After finishing our circuit and arriving home, I made the suggestion that we go for a boat ride.  It was only 5:30 PM, and the water looked very inviting.

My wife, who is a sometimes reluctant boater, surprised me by saying yes.  It only took about five minutes to get loaded and under way.  We took a slow cruise out Raymond's Gut which connects Bluewater Cove with the White Oak River.  I was happy to have some company on the ride.

On the way out of our protect cove, we saw both white and blue herons.  Once we got out in the river, it was spectacular.   We decided to ride down to Swansboro and cruise the harbor.  We were pleased to see a couple of sailboats anchored there.

I was not surprised by the lack of boats fishing.  It will take a while for the saltwater fish to comeback after all the freshwater that has been introduced into the area.

The Intracoastal Waterway was relatively quiet with little traffic.  We made our way under the bridge at Swansboro and headed back home.  At my wife's request, I took the boat back at the slowest speed that it would remain up on plane.

It was not long before we crossing the White Oak and making the last turn up the river before the red sixteen buoy that marks the channel back to Bluewater Cove.  As we slowly came back into Bluewater Cove, we were rewarded with our two herons still being on guard.  Just before we got to the clubhouse, a pileated woodpecker flew across our bow.  I  managed to capture the moment with my camera.

We were back at the dock about thirty minutes after we left.  As it turned out, I managed to go to a sales meeting, host an open house, photograph another house, and visit Swansboro without starting any motor other than the one on my boat.

On top of that, everything was accomplished without even breaking into a sweat.  This weekend we will be eating Lobsters up the beach in Salter Path and sneaking by the Mullet Festival in Swansboro.

We might even get in a few hours of fishing.  No wonder I love fall on the Crystal Coast.

Here are some pictures from our ride down the White Oak to Swansboro.

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