Feels like summer at the beach tonight

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I have these great memories from summers at the beach when I was young.  I had some cousins who teenagers when I was five or six.  I can remember tagging along once in a while with them to the boardwalk.

What sticks in my memory the most about those evening walks is the warm beach wind.  It was so different than the evening weather in the Piedmont or the mountains of North Carolina.  In the fifties a lot of places in North Carolina were not air conditioned.  That was true even at the beaches.  The ocean breezes were how we stayed cool.

We did not seem to mind the lack of air conditioning.  People just did not have it. 

There is something magical about going out on a warm summer evening with the wind blowing off the water.  Of course I can also remember lots of nighttime beach walks.

It was always a challenge to remember what the lights looked like where you entered the beach.  You had to pay attention, or you could end up missing your exit.

With that warm evening beach wind that is with us tonight, I declare summer officially open.  I had a great day with three hours fishing on the White Oak this morning.  We counted around sixty boats going down the river to the Intracoastal.    Later in the evening I went over to the beach for a while to take some pictures.

When I got to Emerald Isle, bumper to bumper traffic was slowly leaving the island.  It was that way all the through town until two or three miles east of town.  The traffic was moving well, it was just taking a while getting through town.

I stayed a half an hour at the beach, and when I came back I did not even touch my brakes once after I got on Emerald Drive for eight miles until I turned in Emerald Plantation Shopping Center to go to Food Lion.

As is normal in Emerald Isle, the traffic completely disappeared in thirty minutes.  A number of them must have stopped by Food Lion.  My visit to Food Lion was like a surgical strike.  I was in and out in just a few minutes thanks to auto-check out which still seems to intimidate many folks.

I would have skipped going but I need bread and English muffins.

It was a good weekend, my new crusty rib recipe turned out fantastic.  It was a great finish to a wonderful Sunday.

Pictures of today are on the web at my Picasa web albums site mixed in with my other Memorial Day pictures.

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