Getting a lot like Fall

Submitted by OcracokeWaves on Tue, 11/01/2011 - 02:30.

As October disappears into memory, our weather forecast has been trying to drag us out of some really pleasant late season warmth.  We are even seeing about as much color in the leaves as ever reaches the NC coast.

My most recent trip to the beach on Emerald Isle was just like a late summer trip.  The temperature was almost 80F as I walked around the Point and observed the most recent changes to the beach.

Most of our threats of rain in late October have gone largely unrealized.  We received no rain the last weekend of October while much of the east coast was being soaked or covered in up to thirty inches of snow.  However, we did get cold enough for a small patch of very light frost to show up on the high spot in our front yard.

The frost was so light that it didn't even hurt the grass.  Fortunately our tomatoes that survived Irene are at the back of the house near the water.  They didn't have any frost close enough to matter. I am pleased that was the case since we have some green tomatoes and new blooms on the plants.

The last day of October we awoke to a nice sunrise and some beautiful tinted blue skies in the morning.  It was a battle all day long between the sun and the clouds.  By late in the day, the clouds were winning, but it was still a very pleasant day.

We wandered down to Winberry's Farm Market and bought our winter's supply of sweet potatoes.  We got 50 lbs of the giant seconds for $5.  We will give away about half of them, but they always seem to last on our garage floor until spring.  We were pleased to see that the shed roof at Winberry's has been extended back to where it was before Hurricane Irene.  Now Sarah will have a place to sit and talk with customers when things are slow.  However, Winberry's is only going to be open a few more days so hurry on down.

Next we stopped at Redfearn's Nursery and got some pansies to plant for our winter enjoyment.  They have a wonderful selection and plenty of unbelievable mums as well.  We had a nice conversation about Alan Redfearn running for office in Cedar Point.  I'm sorry I can't vote in Cedar Point because I would certainly support his efforts to do something about the reckless speeding that has become part of life in Cedar Point along Highway 24.

After getting home,  the weather was nice enough that I managed to wash the car and truck.  Then I took a bike ride, and managed to get out on the river in our skiff just as the rain showers started.

I gave up thoughts of fishing and headed back in because I forgot my rain jacket.  After docking I did pull the plug on the boat and turn the kayak over just in case the rains did come.

I didn't mind coming in early, it was time to prepare for our Halloween visitors anyway. What would Halloween be with seeing some spooky kids?

With the sprinkles of rain, it seems the giant bowl of candy bars ended up relatively untouched.  We only had a dozen goblins this year.  I think children look at our driveway and think the rewards are not enough to justify the walk.

Late in the evening on October 31, we have seen some rain.  Our total is about one third of inch so far.  It should feel like fall on November 1 with that north wind in the forecast.

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