Grabbing Blue Sky Where You Can

Submitted by OcracokeWaves on Fri, 02/22/2013 - 23:56.

As we work our way through the last parts of winter, sometimes blue sky can become a scarce commodity.  You might find it reflected in the water  early in the morning and then clouds make it disappear by the time you finish a walk around the neighborhood.

The cold weather and lack of blue sky can easily send me off to dreams about summer, warm water, and beautiful puffy white clouds in the skies.  There are times when a brush with winter means that the skies are blue and sunny and I can deal with the cold much more easily then.

Mostly I manage to snatch blue sky where and when I can find it.  Sometimes it means a boat ride down the river.  The whole idea of chasing blue skies is not a new one to me

Missing my treasured blue skies is something that bedevils me anytime we have clouds, gloomy weather, or fog.  I have been known to go looking for some blue skies

There are times when you can tell that the clouds will dissipate as you go east along the coast.  If that is the case I am not adverse to getting in the car and driving along our beaches ten to fifteen miles while hoping for a break in clouds.

I actually think part of the problem is that we have so much weather that is so very nice that even a short stretch of two or three days of not so nice weather easily gets to me. 

Still it does not take much of a dose of sunshine on the dock to keep me happy.  The climate here on the Southern Outer Banks usually provides plenty of opportunity for that sunshine.  Our median cloud cover is only 17%.

This last weekend in February of 2013 is supposed to be a rainy one, but I would rather start the spring with a good dose of moisture than not.  We had one summer when even the swamps were on fire.  I will take the rain over that any day.

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