Heading Back into Our Inlet is Special

Submitted by OcracokeWaves on Sun, 04/29/2012 - 22:50.

Going out on the river is always a treat, but there is always special about coming home to our inlet.
One of the things that I have learned well from living the White Oak River is how to enjoy a big coastal river  whether in a skiff with a 90 HP Yamaha behind me or in a kayak under my own power.

While very different, both are fun ways to see the river. I rarely have to force myself to choose between the two ways of seeing the river since usually my mood determines my mode of transportation.

My reasons for getting in the skiff can be varied. I might just want to go out and check the river in preparation for future fishing trip. I could just be feeling a little landlocked and need a ride into the marshes to enjoy the spectacular beauty of the grasses and water as it stretches to the horizon.

Then there are other times when I need to feel the wind in my face and the excitement as the skiff slides along the top of the water. The path to Swansboro which zigs and zags down the White Oak is a lot of fun.

It is really hard to describe how much fun it is when you ride down an almost empty, smooth river with a perfectly trimmed boat. Sometime the boat is actually barely in the water especially on a day like Saturday, April 28 when I took a trip down to Jones Island

I was riding into the wind on my way down the river. It had just enough lift to make it feel like the skiff was flying on top of the water instead in the water. You can view my trip on this Google map.

Then there are times when I just want to go out on the river and relax on top of the oyster rocks. The kayak is perfect for that. When I want to feel really close to water, it is hard to beat the view from the kayak. You are only six inches off the water, and it is easy to lose yourself in the sound of the wind and waves.

No matter which way I choose to enjoy the river, I go out the same inlet and come back the same way. Being on the river is different than being in the inlet. There's more wind, waves, and current out in the river. Usually it is cooler out on the river also. Sometimes it is very cool on the river and exceptionally warm when you get back in the Inlet.

While boating in this area is very safe, there is still a moment of relaxation when you enter the Inlet. You know that no matter what happens, getting home won't be much of a chore. It is a little like being on a long road trip and then seeing a familiar landmark close to home. You know you are almost there.

There are times when I come in with the kayak that I can just float along and let the winds push me back to our dock. While you can't do that with the skiff, there is something very different about idling through the marshes compared to flying down the river at over thirty miles per hour. It is a more relaxing mode of boating. Your senses are not quite as much on edge.

When I get back home, I'm always glad to be there, but it doesn't take me long to start thinking about my next trip.