Just keep these days coming

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I knew when I saw the river this morning on our walk, that it was going to be hard to resist.

When we got back to the house, I could see the moon still in the morning sky.  I knew that was a sign that I had to fish today.

We joined some friends for wings at Fairway for lunch.  After solving the world's problems we headed off for bait and for some shrimp and crab for tomorrow's dinner.

Jimmy at Clyde Phillips told me that I would have to pick my own crab if I wanted it before Friday at noon.  I decided to wait since I would rather be fishing than boiling crabs and picking them.

We grabbed a bag of ice on the way home, loaded the boat and were headed down the river by 2:35 PM.  When we bought our shrimp, we had noticed the crowd of boats in Swansboro harbor.

It was only a slight challenge picking my way through the pack of boats in the harbor and east along the Intracoastal.  There were at least fifteen to twenty, and I was far too busy piloting the skiff to get a good picture.

I had already decided that I would forgo the pleasure of catching spots if I had to fish in a herd to catch them.  We headed for the Emerald Isle bridge and picked a likely spot just off the Intracoastal to anchor.

We were not far from the Emerald Isle bridge and another large concentration of boats.

We also had a nice view of the newly renovated Cedar Point Villas.  With their ramp and location they are hard to beat as a fishing location.  I actually prefer the other view which was of the marshes between Cedar Point and Emerald Isle.

My line hardly hit the water before I hooked a small black sea bass which I promptly threw back.  The next cast brought another which my wife was positive was the same one I had just thrown back in the water.

For the next half hour or so I caught a variety of fish from pigfish and spots to a puffer and the inevitable pinfish.

i really did not get into a serious bunch of spots but we still had fun.  It was absolutely gorgeous out on the water.

There was a fair amount of boat traffic at first but it slowed down as the fishing did as the afternoon progressed.

We eventually wandered back down to the harbor and picked our way back through the boats once again.   I always enjoy the harbor.  Today we had one sail boat and of course Clyde's shrimp boats.  We also saw some tables set up along the waterfront.  I guessed they are for this weekend's Mullet Festival.

After cruising through the harbor, we headed up the White Oak.  Just past the island, we had to detour a little out of the channel to make way for a small shrimp boat.  That is the first shrimp boat in action that I have seen on the White Oak.

When we got to where we turn to go into Bluewater Cove, I had to stop the skiff and take a picture.  The river was looking particularly scenic to the north of our channel this afternoon.

As we got back in Bluewater Cove and neared the clubhouse, we could see the window in the new house which now has a water view since they cut down a big pine tree yesterday.

It was another beautiful sunset this evening.  I am ready to do it all over again tomorrow.

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