Just a roof dusting

Submitted by OcracokeWaves on Sun, 01/31/2010 - 13:51.

Last night as we listened to the news, I was impressed by how worried the weather broadcasters were about all the wet stuff freezing on the highways.  It was just at 32F when we went to bed.

I was a little surprised to find it at 23F this morning.  It had cooled so quickly that the last few raindrops had frozen in our window screens.

Even stranger is the small heron pond next door to us.  I have watched this morning as it freezes over in front of my eyes.  I keep doing a double take as the ice expands.

When I went out to get the paper, the dock was coated in ice and some of the last rains had frozen as they tried to drain across the driveway.

There were a few wisps of snow on the driveway.  If you look closely at the blog picture, you can see some white stuff on our roof.  From the flag and my frozen face, I can tell you that we still have a strong northerly wind.

While it is supposed to warm up this week, there is talk of a developing system later in the week that could bring more precipitation to the area.

I did see this neat picture of snow on the beach near Norfolk, Va.  The last big storm that came in December, we were actually up in the Virginia mountains, and I got to see plenty of snow.

This snow I got to enjoy through pictures that people sent me.  Still I managed to gather a lot of snow information and publish it last night.

The good news is that we had lots of sunshine this afternoon, and even the pelicans got to warm themselves up.  The sun even warmed up our pansies and melted most of the ice on the heron pond.

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