A Keeper of a Day

Submitted by OcracokeWaves on Sat, 05/01/2010 - 11:29.

While it is always dangerous to predict the weather.  This morning when I walked outside, things felt different.  It was not one of those cold mornings that have plagued us recently.

It was a soft spring morning with a light fog on the river.  There was almost no wind down near the water, but up on our deck where I took the picture there was a light breeze.

The big difference is that the waters, both in the sounds and rivers have warmed up.  Yesterday when we went up the river, the water temperature was 65F.  With weaker weather systems that cannot overwhelm the warm waters, our night time temperatures are creeping upwards.

Today we should see the lower eighties or upper seventies depending on where you plant your thermometer.  Those temperatures are just right for being on the water.

I guess that I am well prepared.  The skiff has been for a couple of cruises after its spring tune up.  I have bought my salt water fishing license for the year.  The gas tank is full.

This may well be our first day of fishing in 2010.  I have to run a couple of potential buyers up the river to see a property this morning, but I think I am free after that unless they decide to write an offer.

 My home chores are mostly done.  I have already mowed the yard so I only have a little trimming left to do snf some weed killer to spread along with fire ant prevention.

It might be a lot of fun to get out on the water whether or not we catch some fish. Then we could finish the way with a serious beach walk

One way or the other, I am sure this day is going to be a keeper.

Finding a day like today is just one of the pleasant results of watching the seasons change here on the Southern Outer Banks.

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