Memorial Day 2011 at the Beach

Submitted by OcracokeWaves on Mon, 05/30/2011 - 02:10.

Memorial Day 2011 has been a good one.  The weather has been great, and our ocean waters are warm enough for swimming already this year.

Even the statue of Otway Burns in Centennial Park in Swansboro seems to be having fun amongst all the flags this Memorial Day.

On Saturday, I had the earliest dip in the ocean that I can remember. Even along North Carolina's coast, you cannot count on the water being warm enough for swimming in May. We usually have to wait until mid-June.

This year we made it with several days to spare. I certainly enjoyed my ocean dip on Saturday of Memorial Day weekend, and I suspect that I will be back for another as soon as the beaches empty out a little after this weekend.

There is no denying that the ocean was this year has been more than just beautiful. By warming earlier than it normally does, our beaches have become an inviting place for late spring hikes.  I have managed to hike all of the beaches inside the town of Emerald Isle this spring so I know how much fun a beach hike is.

In addition to great days for hiking, we have experienced some really warm evenings.  With the temperature staying in the mid seventies, it has been a good time for growing tomatoes, even late evening beach hikes,  and those early dips in the water..

We have seen so much sunshine, that a rainy day would certainly be welcomed by area residents. Everyone agrees that we need some steady rain soon or the corn crop is going to be in danger.

With weather that is conducive to beach hikes, morning boat rides, and kayaking, it is hard to find anything to complain about here on the Southern Outer Banks.

Most people agree that our area fish could be biting a little more aggressive in the surf but that will come.  Folks on the pier and fishing off the beaches are doing well.

For now it is sufficient just to relax and enjoy our warm waters after what was a very cold winter.

If you would like a PDF map and brochure of the area with some suggestions on what to do while at the beach and a list of restaurants that I personally recommend, visit my Crystal Coast Life welcome page.