Mullet Festival Sunday

Submitted by OcracokeWaves on Mon, 10/12/2009 - 14:08.

I am not sure why it happens, but every fall  have a hard time making it to the Mullet Festival.  Last year we tried going early but there was no marking.

This year we went late and there was even less parking than last year.  However, that did not seem to hurt the crowds.  We got to the festival really late, and there were still plenty of people there.

Before festival time, we had lunch at church after the service. It was an enjoyable meal complete with collards, chicken pastry, and black eyed peas along with multiple chicken dishes.  It was a veritable feast.

After that we headed home, and I had to do the listing work on a cottage in River Oaks Plantation.  Then I got a call from an agent about a house I had asked to show on Saturday.  Apparently he had been at the Mullet Festival, and he did not hear his phone ringing.  Of course the clients that wanted to see the house were back in Raleigh.

My wife and I decided to go see the property just so we would be familiar with it in case another client might want to see it.

There must have been a cell phone virus going around on Saturday afternoon.  I had three properties that I called to get appointments where I did not hear back from the  agents until Saturday night or Sunday.  Both sets of clients were well on their way back home.  One set headed to New Mexico and the other to Raleigh.

We swung by my new re-listing so I could put their sign back up.  Then we headed to the Mullet Festival.  We got there around 4 PM about an hour before closing.

There was still almost no parking.  We walked the booths and listened to a few songs by the Coastline Band.

I was disappointed once again that I had missed the mullet.  I talked to one of the cooks who said they had served 970 mullet dinners on Saturday and 530 on Sunday.  Unfortunately all I saw was a sign about the switch to trout dinners.  Even the vendor with barbecue and ribs had sold out.

If you add all those mullets to the nearly 1,000 Episcopalian lobsters, you have to say we love seafood of all types down here on the Crystal Coast.  We also enjoy a good time.

There were some people down by the band stand at the Mullet Festival having a very good time, even dancing in the streets.

We managed to get out of the Mullet Festival with only a couple of small purchases and no fair food.  We headed over to the Islander beach access to see if there was anything happening on the beach.

We found a beach volleyball game in progress.  There were some folks hardly working at fishing.  We also saw several flights of pelicans heading up the beach.

The sun was trying to come out, and it was very nice on the beach.  After the taste of the beach we headed back home to find clearer skies and calm winds.

This morning it is cooler and overcast, but considering the temperatures we have seen in early October and comparing them to what is going on in the rest of the country, I have no complaints.