My Favorite Season, Summer in Oct.

Submitted by OcracokeWaves on Sat, 10/10/2009 - 11:54.

Summer seems to have returned.  When I walked outside this morning and the temperature was 76F with a light breeze and a few puffy white clouds, that was an inescapable conclusion.

When I checked the morning's weather at Weather Underground, I see my friends in Montana are enjoying a balmy 15F while our Canadian friends in Edmonton, Alberta are enjoying 23F and snow.  The Montana folks do not need any more snow since they got two feet earlier in the week.

It sure feels good to be living in the part of the country still wearing shorts and sandals.  Certainly yesterday was an October day to remember.

I could have mowed my yard, but fortunately it is centipede and can be ignored occasionally. So instead of mowing, my fishing buddy Dean and I headed out from the dock at half past noon.  We managed to make it back in around quarter to six.  That is my kind of full schedule.

The only negative to all the warm weather is that I think the spots have spread out again and are a little more challenging to find.  We still caught plenty of fish yesterday and brought home enough spots for a good taste of them last night.

We managed to fish in a lot of spots yesterday from the edge of the Intracoastal to Bogue Inlet, Swansboro Harbor, and the Whtie Oak River.  I think we caught fish in every spot but one.

I particularly enjoyed anchoring by the marshes just when you get in Bogue Inlet.  The water is very deep right up to the edge of the marsh, and you get a nice view of Cedar Point as you can see from the picture with the post.

We saw some beautiful Bottle Nosed Dolphins.  It was so bright out that the sky seemed to merge with the water when looking out towards the ocean.  There was even a small shrimp boat on the White Oak.

There was no shortage of boats taking advantage of the weather, and lots of surf fishermen even on the backside of Hammocks Beach.

Swansboro looked particularly festive as they put up the tents for the Mullet Festival.  Though it was a little breezy by times yesterday, we managed to find enough calm water to enjoy our fishing.  We anchored once by the island just when you enter the White Oak.  The waves there were pretty impressive.

The White Oak further north was gorgeous.  Still the entrance to Bluewater Cove looked inviting by the time we headed home.  We were met by our Watch Heron and some nice light playing on the trees and the clubhouse.

It was nice to have some very fresh fish for dinner especially since I never made it back to Clyde's to pick up the crab for the casserole that my wife wants to make.

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