This is my kind of snow shoveling

Submitted by OcracokeWaves on Tue, 01/11/2011 - 13:11.

One of my favorites things about living along the Crystal Coast is that we have snow shoveling fairies.

Whenever we have snow covering our driveway like we did yesterday, all we have to do is make certain that we leave a cookie on the kitchen counter and in the morning our driveway is clean.

It is certainly one of the best parts about living along the coast.  In Canada, I would wake up and spend a day or two moving snow only to find it blowing in behind me almost as fast as I could move it.  In Virginia if you didn't move the snow, it would melt and freeze into a solid sheet of ice.

One cookie is a cheap price to pay for having your driveway cleaned.

My wife says I eat the cookie during the night, but she cannot be granted much credibility since when it is snowy she does not stick her nose out from under the covers until the morning coffee is done and her morning newspaper has been retrieved.

I have no idea why other areas aren't fortunate enough to have snow shoveling fairies, but I do know that I have some friends who would like to hire them.

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