No complaints with our snowstorm

Submitted by OcracokeWaves on Mon, 12/27/2010 - 15:28.

It was not very long ago when I wrote a post called "When is a little flooding a good thing?"  This latest snow storm brought that to mind.

We made out pretty well.  I sent a picture of the snowdrift at the end of our driveway here near Cape Carteret.  That was enough to get one of my Canadian friends to call me back and tell me that they only had four inches of snow so far, thank you very much.

I told them I would call later this evening after their blizzard gets wound up a little.

I got a note from my friend on the New Jersey shore.  He said that he thought the blizzard was still raging until he figured out that the snow had drifted over his windows.

Our Northeastern friends need a snow scoop like I have used in the Roanoke area for years.

Fortunately we are headed for warmer temperatures this afternoon and tomorrow here on the coast, but I continue to be worried about the cold water temperatures and the impact on area fish.

But in the end just a little snow is lot like a little flooding.  While I would prefer to have no snow and no flooding, I can endure a little snow and a little flooding especially when faced with a blizzard or a serious hurricane.

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