An October Morning Dockwalk

Submitted by OcracokeWaves on Wed, 10/20/2010 - 14:24.

While some clouds have moved in now, my walk around the docks at Bluewater Cove was a pleasant, sunny one.

This is what I love about the Crystal Coast, the weather is usually very compatible to those of us who love warm temperatures.

We have had the best of both worlds recently, cool evening temperatures and warm afternoons which are great for relaxing on the beach or even taking a trip out on the water.

Our neighbors just came back from five days in New York state.  I am going to guess it was upper New York since when they left yesterday, it was sleeting.

I noticed my friend Sally, who lives outside of Boston, probably saw some frost in the last few days.

Even my daughter who visited from Northern Virginia over the weekend commented on our nearly perfect weather.  I took her for a late evening boat ride on Sunday.

It was very nice out on the water even though we were out there well after 6PM.  We both were wearing shorts and tee shirts.  Our ride down to Swansboro was a little cool since we were going into the wind.  The ride back was fine.

Earlier in the day, the temperature was in the low eighties when I made the same trip.  With the water at about seventy degrees and the air over eighty, you cannot ask for much nicer boating weather.

Monday afternoon, we made our way over to the Western Regional Beach Access on Emerald Isle.  We were not the only ones who thought an afternoon on the beach might be very pleasant.

There were people scattered along the beach, with a number of folks sunbathing in the warm October sun.

After our visit to the beach, we stopped by Winberry's Produce Stand on the way back to Bluewater Cove.  My wife chatted with Sara Winberry, the owner.  Sara mentioned she could not remember another fall when they had watermelons, sweet potatoes and pumpkins all for sale at the same time.

After we left the produce stand we took a drive down Jones Street just to show our daughter how many watermelons were still in the fields.  It is impressive that Bogue Sound watermelons are still around in the fields.

Of course going down Jones Street takes you to the Cedar Point Yacht Club, which I love to photograph.  There are a few interesting homes for sale along the street so I can class my visit as a "business trip."

I am going to enjoy this great weather as long as it lasts.  I am hoping for some enjoyable November and December beach walks.

I can wait for the fall fishing to arrive, weather like this makes a lot of things okay.  Here on the Southern Outer Banks, fall is treating us well.

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