Open window nights!

Submitted by OcracokeWaves on Sun, 07/17/2011 - 20:32.

The funny little crosshatch pattern in the post picture is not a special effect.  It is actually the screen in the open window of my upstairs office.

We have enjoyed two nights, July 15 & 16, when we were able to have the windows open.  It looks like July 17 might follow suit and make it three nights in a row.

Being able to open windows at night is something of a treat here on the Crystal Coast in mid-July 2011.  It has been a hotter than normal July here.

We have had some serious heat in the first part of July, and for a while it was combined with humidity and smoke.

That changed radically on Friday, July 15.  An east wind seemed to bring us cooler air.  Heat at night is the real enemy.  If we can cool off at night, the water temperature stays more moderate.  The east wind seemed to cool off the evenings.

Without some nighttime cooling, we start the day well behind the eight ball.  You always know you are in trouble when the morning temperature is 80F or greater.

The good news is that 80F for a morning temperature is abnormal.  Our average morning temperature this time of year is 69F.  So waking up on Sunday, July 17, to 68F was closer to normal than some of the hot early mornings we have seen.

With the drought and no rain, there is little humidity so these last few days in the middle of July have been very comfortable.  Of course we could really use some more rain, but there is none in the forecast.

There is some talk of a tropical development, but a lot has to happen before we get any moisture from it.

Anyway we will just enjoy the nice weather that comes our way and endure the less than nice weather that might sneak into the area.

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