Quiet in the Gut

Submitted by OcracokeWaves on Sat, 01/08/2011 - 15:27.

One of my college roommates gives me a hard time when I call the water behind our house a "gut," but the years that we spent in maritime Canada make using gut to describe a piece of water going from one place to another almost automatic.

We have had a tough week here at our home in Bluewater Cove. We had to let our wonderful cat, Malarky, go this week. It was a difficult decision.

It has also been cold this week with more clouds than I like. The only consolation is that we have seen no snow, and the gut behind the house has remained almost ice free which is something that was hard to say in December which according to all reports was one of the coldest on record in lots of places.

It is hard for me to believe that this forecast for the upcoming week for Boone, NC looks more wintry than the forecast for Fredericton, NB where we lived in Canada for over ten years.  At least the Canadians get above freezing one day next week.

If I had known that the climate in western North Carolina was going to be Canadian-like, I could have saved myself a lot of trouble and moved there instead of Nova Scotia and then New Brunswick.

Still I am happy to be in eastern North Carolina.  Given the weather that other places have seen, we have done okay. It has been cold, but the only snow we have seen has been a dusting the day after Christmas. You don't have to go very far inland in North Carolina before you cannot say that.

We have relatives in Yadkin County near Winston-Salem who saw their first white Christmas in 40 years.

Recently our gut has enjoyed some spectacular visitors like this great blue heron and this pair of hooded mergansers.  This morning on my walk to the mailbox for the newspaper, I got to see a killdeer hopping around.

Then I walked over to the clubhouse and saw another blue heron and four more hooded mergansers. On one of my walks earlier in the week I saw an osprey and the mergansers once again plus a juvenile blue heron and a really big blue heron.

The blue herons and white herons (egrets) are taking turns this morning feeding behind our home.  We have also seen one or two pelicans, but they have not taken up residence like they do some winters.

I am hoping for better weather soon.  The long range forecast has us getting four straight days in the sixties around the middle of January.  That will be a nice break from the cold that we have seen.

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