The sand came back

Submitted by OcracokeWaves on Fri, 11/11/2011 - 16:32.

It took less than a month, but the sand that I reported lost in the post, "A Bite Out of Third St. Beach," seems to have been replaced by waves that are likely cousins to ones who took it away.

My wife and I went for a walk up at Third Street on Wednesday November 9 and discovered that plenty of sand has returned to the beach.  I am pretty sure that there is now more sand on the beach than I saw at any time during the summer of 2011.

Never knowing what you will find is one of the neat things about walking on a beach.  It is rarely the same place twice.  The beach can even change as you are walking on it.

Lots of times, as the sun starts going down, the light on the beach will change.  What looked like a perfectly normal beach just a few minutes earlier will turn into a very different spot.

Of course beaches also change as the tides come in and go out.   Even a very high tide can make a substantial impact on our beaches. Sometimes tides even create temporary ponds on the beaches like this one I photographed at Third Street on November 3.

The day we walked up at Third Street, there was a large sign at the town limits on the beach warning that trucks are no longer permitted on the section of beach near Third Street.  I saw something earlier in one of newspapers that certain sections were being closed to truck traffic because of erosion.

Later in the same week, I walked over the beach at the Point.  There were a number of vehicles there

In my wanderings I did notice that Carolina Garden has beach grass plants for sale.  The bundle of grasses are supposed to be broken up and planted to help control erosion.

Based on how long it is taking the marsh grass to fill in a spot by our dock, helping the beach plants a long is a good idea.  We have been here over five years, and the marsh grass has only closed half the gap.