Seafood Lunch baskets at Ballyhoo's

Submitted by OcracokeWaves on Wed, 06/02/2010 - 20:44.

Today I needed some Carolina coast comfort seafood, and I remembered that I had seen a post on Facebook from Sam at Ballyhoo's about some new seafood lunch baskets.

What had stuck in my memory was that you could get combination baskets of shrimp, oysters, or grouper fingers.  The individual baskets are $9.99 and the combination of two items is a few dollars more.

With a morning thunderstorm shutting down the possibility of doing any further work outside, I decided to run a few errands in town and head over to the Island.

Traffic was definitely less than it was on the weekend, but the cloudy skies made me yearn for some that magical blue sky and emerald water that we have seen recently.

I have enjoyed going to Ballyhoo's for a quiet a while.  I first went after Sam invited me to try one of his delicious burgers.

Then I became a real fan of the grouper sandwich that Ballyhoo's serves.  Except that I occasionally got sidetracked by the Thursday night wing special.

When Ballyhoo's started serving breakfast this spring, we managed to make it over for a couple of delicious morning meals.  Staying busy has kept me out of restaurants for a while so when my schedule changed today,  it just seemed natural to go have a shot at a grouper and oyster basket.

My experience is that Ballyhoo's during the day and during the evening are two different places.  Dining during the day is usually a peaceful affair.  At night the place can be packed and you can tell that people are definitely having a great time.

Today was no exception.  There was a large group in the separate room that often has large parties, but the rest of place was fairly quiet after all the excitement of Memorial Day.

I did not have to think long about my order.  It was also out in just a few minutes.  All I can say is that it was just as delicious as the picture looks.  I think Sam has a winner with his lunch seafood baskets.  I know that I will be back.