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Today is a day to be thankful for a home on the Crystal Coast.  Our neighbors to the north and west of us are once again getting snow.

The picture in the post comes from Roanoke, Va. and was taken just before noon today.  Roanoke is on the line between the heavy snow and the really heavy snow.  By this time tomorrow they could have anywhere between six inches and over a foot.

I have had a number of calls from relatives and friends in North Carolina.  It appears that the area of state south of Interstate 40 is getting rain at least as far west as Interstate 77.  The area north of Interstate 40, east of Interstate 77, and west of Winston-Salem had four or five inches of snow this morning, but the snow had changed to rain and freezing rain just before 10 AM this morning.

One friend sent me a note that there were several tractor-trailers in trouble on the Fancy Gap Mountain section of Interstate 77.  If you have never tried to run Fancy Gap in bad weather, you have missed some real thrills.

The true center of this storm is Washington, DC where it has been labeled "Snowmaggedon."  Two of our grown kids live in the area so we are getting some reports from them.  This morning I received cellphone pictures of the empty shelves at area grocery stores from my daughter who lives there.

Just a couple of minutes ago, I got a Google chat message from my son in DC area who said that light snow started there about 10 AM.  He said the new snow is only sticking so far on the cold spots of the road.  Of course they already had about a foot of snow from two storms earlier in the week.

Then there is my college roommate who happens to be living in Forked River, NJ which is on the Jersey coast.    The National Weather Service has issued a full-fledged blizzard warning for that area with up to twenty-two inches of snow plus high winds.

I already had my snowstorm for the year when we were in the Roanoke, Va area for the twenty inches of snow that came just before Christmas.  I am pleased that what we will get today and tomorrow on the coast will be rain.

Unfortunately our ground here on the coast is completely saturated.  I even seen a couple of hilly spots that are muddy.  We may have new Pocosins developing.

I was over on Emerald Isle on Wednesday and noticed that there are still some flooded roads where pumping is still taking place.  The Island still has not recovered from this fall's thirty-five inches of rain.  This storm's additional two inches of rain will not be welcome, but it is better than two feet of snow.

At least we managed to get some blue skies this week.  If you have forgotten what they look like, check out my Picasa web album from Wednesday.  The shots are from Cape Carteret, Swansboro, and Emerald Isle.  I managed to catch plenty of blue sky.  The images are all geo-tagged so you can see them on a map.

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