Some Blue Sky Makes an Appearance

Submitted by OcracokeWaves on Thu, 08/30/2012 - 02:33.

While I have been away from the Crystal Coast for much of the month of August, I have been getting regular readings from my rain gauge.

It is pretty easy to say that August of 2012 has been very different from August of 2011.  On August 9 last year I wrote about how little rain we had seen all summer.  A little less than a week later I wrote about strange stuff falling out of the sky.

Somehow in a summer that saw barely three inches of rain, we got a storm with six tenths of an inch of rain.

Unfortunately I don't have an exact rain total for August 2012.  I do know that it is somewhere north of ten inches of rain.  That comes on top of close to fifteen inches of rain in May, June, and July.  We have gotten over two feet of rain this summer.

With over ten inches of rain in a little over three weeks it should be no surprise that finding blue sky in August 2012 has been a little challenging.  I know that I was happy to find some up at the Third Street Beach this afternoon.

Weather is something we just have to figure out how to enjoy.  There is no way of changing it.  We do know that it will change eventually.  Most of us are thankful for not having another drought this summer.

However, all of us are ready for sunshine a few less showers.  I might have to put floats on my lawn mower if things don't start drying out.  I'm already looking forward to some fantastic fall weather like we had last year.

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